Real-Time Interactive Data Analytics With Tableau

Real-Time Analytics will enable users to quickly analyze and understand dynamic data, especially when the Velocity is high, real-time analysis is very critical. Tableau can help extract valuable information from fast moving data with interactive analytics and advanced visualizations. The new web data collector in Tableau 9.1 makes easy to capture and transform a world of real-time data available over the web into interactive visual presentations.

For example, the weather web data connector allows creation of forecast models for various locations around the world. In the chart below, we have selected a few cities from India, since there was record-breaking rainfall in south Indian city Chennai.


Weather dashboards like this one will allow users to view the weather forecast using interactive data filter options to such as date range and location selections. Users can also select a specific city from the map cloud and hover over the map to see more weather details of the area. By clicking on a specific city users can see description of the weather pattern such as rainy / sunny, average day and night temperatures and more.

Explore the following weather data visualization and please post your inputs / comments.

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