You’ve invested in the technology. You understand the processes. You’ve assigned the different roles. Now you need to track progress, optimize resources, communicate the plan, and make decisions. How do you maintain control of everything that’s in progress? And how can you focus on the future when your immediate need is successful operations? Aurotech delivers a complete program management solution. Here’s how we can help your organization.


We will successfully design a program from beginning to end. We start by analyzing the business challenges and drivers. . What are the processes in place? What applications are you utilizing? Then we define solutions.


Our program management expertise is extensive. Talk to us and you will immediately gain confidence in the process we outline for your program. When we design a program, we work hard to capture your needs with a singular focus on improving the performance of your organization.


Aurotech always considers the overall project plan. We help define standards and set protocol. Our system of program management corrects issues before they become problems. We select the appropriate and experienced staff to manage your program and retain full awareness of the systems and processes in place. We adhere to your requirements and bring it all together utilizing best practice methodologies like CMMi and PMI.


We engineer a total solution to ensure the overall success of the program under our supervision. We plan thoroughly so that your business processes improve. Your focus changes from keeping track of performance to examining areas of growth.


We keep you informed through frequent reports. Weekly activity reports provide detail. Monthly reports demonstrate the overall planning process.


Aurotech’s program management methodologies manage all of your related projects together with the purpose of improving the organization’s performance. The end result is strategic control. Transparency into your program allows you to focus on what matters most.

For more information on the Program Management services provided by Autotech, please Contact us using the online form, or give us a call at 301-854-1326.