The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Offices of Federal Agencies serve the public by promoting a healthy working environment through prevention, resolution, and processing of workplace disputes, including complaints of discrimination. To support this mission, it is imperative that a simple and highly configurable case management system for managing and tracking complaints remain current with its legislative mandates and directives.

Aurotech’s Case Tracking and Management Solution (CTMS) is built around the core functionalities required by Agencies in order to help them meet their EEO needs. Our CTMS platform offers a comprehensive platform to the universe of EEO requirements. CTMS takes the complexity out of managing EEO casework by providing the users with a set of configurable, simple workflows and events that will enable EEO specialists to concentrate in successfully tracking, processing, investigating, sharing, communicating and managing EEO complaints and cases.

Compliant Case Management

Collect, Track, Manage EEO Case with collabration feature for EEO Specialities

User Management

User Self Registeration, Role Verification , Role Assignment Management Communication

Doc Management

Integrated Central Repository Case Documents with record management redaction and content search features

EEOC Interface

Generate form 462, Send to EEOC, Exchange hearing and appeal data / documents


Manage EEO Case and Communication templates with Digital Signature and approval workflow feature


Generate Reports and Dashboards, Canned and Custom Reports for data analysis on Real-time and historical data

Friendly User Interface

Responsive mobile friendly user interface, 508 compliant and multi browser compatible

Search & Collabration

Search & Collabration interface that connects people and work for optimal collabration

Scalable &Configuration

Support future needs such as Anti-Harrasment and External Complaints, this enabling self service options to file forms such as VA Form 4939


Industry leading security that meets the need of the target, most security-consicence enterprises, FISMA FedRAMP assessed hosting

High Availibility

High responsive system with 99.6% uptime. Robust system backup and continuous operations support

Compliance with Fed IT

Compliance with Federal IT COTS application standards including SAML. Federated Authentication and Audit Tracking

Case Tracking & Management System (CTMS)

  • Offers value to the end user by delivering productive experience (minimizing number of screen clicks, eliminating manual data entry and configuring simplified screen views)
  • Integration aligned with EEOC strategic process steps and Federal IT architecture
  • Rules driven architecture scalable to integrate with rule based decision support solutions
  • Design offering interfaces to export workflow data to external reporting systems
  • SaaS solution scalable approach for future expansion needed for new EEO process and yet allowing seamless upgrades and support.

Why Aurotech?

The key differentiator of our solution is our product’s ‘Configureable component based framework’ that can be fully configurable to meet any agency specific needs along with all the appropriate support (Software licenses, Configurable components, Hosted on a FedRAMP Certified Cloud, Post-Deployment product support, Help Desk support and Ready to use training guides). In addition, our solution has the capability of linking to EEOC FedSEP, which will empower Federal Agencies to readily communicate with EEOC.