Data Science is an interdisciplinary field affecting academics, research and business in general. Data science uses a combination of mathematics, statistics, computer science and information science to analyze data and draw conclusions. While not restricted to Big Data, data science has become essential to the analyzation of big data to provide insight for companies and organizations.

Data science influences many applications – speech recognition, search engines, robotics and the digital economy. Industries such as healthcare, social sciences and economics are highly dependent on data science. Businesses and organizations are more productive and more successful as a result of the analytical information that comes from data science.

We help organizations setup a Health Information Exchange (HIE) network using CONNECT / DIRECT open source products initiated by United States Federal Agencies.
By advancing the adoption of interoperable health IT systems and health information exchanges, the health care industry will be able to achieve its goal of ensuring that all citizens are tied to electronic health records by 2014. Health data will follow the patient to any part in the world.

Aurotech & Data Science

The growth of an organization is dependent on understandable data. Our talented data scientists are experts on data collection, data modeling and analysis, and decision making.

How We Help Our Customers

Data science is the analyzation of big data. Once your data has been aggregated, a data scientist has the analytical ability to interpret the data to provide insights into your business.

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