The Challenge

IT Managers are facing challenges on both Application Development and Operations Management areas.

In the area of Operations:

  • Deployments are inconsistent.
  • Configuration issues arise with Server/OS/Application.
  • Procedures are not standard.
  • Development costs are higher.
  • Operation and maintenance costs are higher.
  • Response to the end-user is slow.

In the area of Development:

  • Agile development is not practiced.
  • Build and test cycles are long.
  • Failures result from environmental issues.
  • Development costs are higher.
  • There are delays responding to federally mandated programs.

The Solution

Agile Delivery

Implement DevOps tools and technologies while establishing Agile methodologies for application lifecycle management, development best practices, processes and industry standards.

Infrastructure as a Code

Set up enterprise wide Automated Configuration Management, Platform as a service and Containers as a service. Automated Software Stack Installations, etc.

Continuous Engineering

Establish/Configure full CI/CD pipeline automated development workflow, automated testing and containerization.

Infrastructure On-Premise/Cloud

Set up/Configure various components of infrastructure as a service in Private/Hybrid/Public cloud environment. Set up DevOps infrastructure On-premise.