Intelligent Capture Solutions with Captiva

Reduce cost of business and optimize document-based processes with both centralized and real-time capture with Aurotech Capture Solutions leveraging Captiva.

The Challenge

Today, the difference between getting a customer and not getting one often depends on ease of use. If you make it easy for your customers to work with you, you often get the business – even if that sale comes at a premium.

Within an organization, ease of use can also reduce the cost of doing business and optimize business processes. How is that? Changing a process from manual to automated not only makes us more efficient, but drives down the cost of any process.

Think about your work processes. In large part, they are probably still paper or email driven. Intelligent capture solutions are the key to automating business processes. Particularly for paper-driven industries such as insurance, real estate and accounting, automated capture can significantly decrease the cost of doing business.

The Solution

Our intelligent capture solution is known for its scalability. Captiva can handle the largest volumes of data, and its flexibility allows integration into any stage of the business process with minimal IT overhead. Our capture solutions turn paper and other “dumb” documents into intelligent data.

Mobile capable options. Not only can you transfer more information via your phone, but the system will adjust for skew, lighting and images. If you are using mobile banking now, you realize the time-saving capabilities of mobile options, and the ease of doing business that they allow.


What are the key benefits to intelligent capture solutions?

  • Reduced labor costs. Changing from manual keying of data to document capture and routing saves time internally. And it may even keep you from using contractors – reducing your overhead yet again.
  • Extended scanning capabilities. When you can process real-time information through a mobile device, such as images from consumers, you expedite customer service.
  • Optimize business processes. Our capture solutions also rout documents automatically and set up a work queue management process. A complete view of the documents in process is provided.
  • Reduced regulatory risk. As the solution audits processes and eliminates errors, your risks decrease.

If you would like to like more information on intelligent capture solutions, give us a call at 301-854-1326, or Contact us using the online form on our website. We’d like to discuss your exact needs and design a strategy that will work for you.