Kazeon File Intelligence

Recapture control of documents and data “in the wild”: documents on your network in distributed locations, without security or compliance controls in place, exposing your organization to massive compliance related costs. Kazeon puts you back in the driver’s seat, providing visibility into your data universe, with the controls to manage it.

The Challenge

The nightmare scenario for today’s CIO doesn’t revolve around maximizing value from their well-organized and managed data, but rather the risks surrounding all of the unknowns in data sprawl. Companies have grown, both organically and through acquisition, establishing new data repositories as required in the moment—shared drives, email, Sharepoint sites, content management systems, and individual user PC’s. This just-in-time delivery typically doesn’t account for any unified strategy across the organization for data management; in the case of mergers, the strategies were of course unaligned. The company—and the data footprint—is soon larger than anyone realizes, and as a result of past IT success in meeting business needs, the organization has much more distributed content than it can get its hands around.

This situation is typically discovered during change of management, litigation or compliance reviews: the IT organization doesn’t know what they don’t know about their data:

  • What is our exposure on compliance issues?
  • Is there Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in insecure locations?
  • Are there health records not secured according to HIPAA regulations?
  • Is there inappropriate language or material in violation of HR policy?
  • In the case of litigation, how will we find responsive documents, and how much extra will we spend on culling duplicate and irrelevant data?

Often the above issues leave a CIO not knowing where to even begin.

The Solution

Identify. Classify. Manage Aurotech’s File Intelligence offerings leveraging Kazeon have helped numerous Fortune 500 and government organizations recapture control of their data universe. Broad spectrum crawls across all data repositories in the network provide insight into what is out there, classifying documents based on metadata and content. This also gives a picture of the sensitivity of the data: social security numbers, contact information and other PII, as well as who can and has accessed these documents. Based on these findings, the content will be moved appropriately:

  • Enterprise Records Management or Content Management System with appropriate classification, if deemed valuable corporate knowledge or sensitive information
  • To a different storage tier, to reduce cost and administrative/backup overhead
  • Deleted, in the case of duplicate or old and irrelevant data

The robust auditing and reporting allow this process to integrate seamlessly into any internal investigation or public records request initiative, and provide ongoing monitoring of the data universe.

Let Aurotech show you how you can bring the wilds of your information ecosystem back under your organization’s control.

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