Recapture your IT budget, streamline your application portfolio on the way to the cloud, and liberate your business data for strategic analytics efforts. Redefine your IT paradigm, from legacy application sprawl, simply keeping the lights on, to a compliant, lean and optimized application portfolio.

The Challenge

Forrester estimates that roughly 70% of IT budgets are spent on simply maintaining existing applications and associated operations. While some of this budget is spent on increasing overall capacity due to data growth, nearly half of the overall budget is spent on operations and administration. Think about it. You may be spending a good portion of your budget maintaining static data and legacy applications. How did this happen? With each new system rolled out, migration from the old system was ignored due to difficulty or technical means. Now, the idea of rolling legacy application data—content, database tables, XML, and other content—into the current production system is both daunting and prohibitively expensive. The result is that these applications are left running – purely for their data. These systems siphon IT resources and create even more burden on IT and overhead costs because of the need for servers, databases, application maintenance, IT resources with specialized (i.e. expensive) skillsets, and other operations.

The Solution

We solve storage problems and ensure audit controls. Processes are streamlined so companies are able to manage data growth. And our systems also free up budgets by decommissioning legacy operations.


Key benefits of Application Retirement & Archiving solutions include:


  • Unified data repository. Both structured data, such as database tables, and unstructured data such as content from emails can be stored in one place.
  • Open standard format. Information is stored in an open format following OAIS guidelines. This allows future proof retention.
  • Tamper-evident audit trail. Information is provided within the system as well as its relationship to source systems.
  • Centralized management ensures quick information on retention policies and legal holds.
  • Independence from legacy systems. Application Retirement & Archiving solutions free data from any prior dependency on older systems, allowing the decommissioning of these systems.

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