Technology Solution for the Health Care Industry

Aurotech helps our health care customers by providing a solution that empowers collaboration among health care providers. We design and install an entire health information exchange solution for the cross-communication of health information to hospitals, physician practices, medical groups and other care providers.

Aurotech’s technical team can provide various levels of expertise related to health information systems, including:

  • Design of a system from the ground up
  • Developing the technology for a system
  • Integrating the system with other solutions
  • Improving the efficiency and productivity of a solution, and
  • Installing, configuring and supporting a system

Specialized Knowledge

Aurotech has worked with Health Information Management Systems (HIMS), Nationwide Health Information Network initiatives, Electronic Medical Health Information Exchange (HIE), EHR Systems, and EMR systems. Our health care solution is built on the foundation of the CONNECT product. In fact, we are part of the CONNECT program, having helped in the architecture and development of the solution based on Nationwide Health Information Network specifications, using the HL7 Standards.


Practice Areas

Our Health IT expertise includes the following projects:

  • Designed and initiated a Health Information Exchange within an Organization
  • Integrated a health information exchange into a regional network of health information exchanges using Nationwide Health Information Network standards
  • Supported On-Boarding activities
  • Solved Integration and Interoperability issues
  • Developed adapter technology for a facility
  • Hosted solutions for various health care facilities
  • Directed the implementation of a solution
  • Developed product plug-ins
  • Maintained a 24/7 Support (Help Desk)
  • Provided training to facilities
  • Complied with approved Nationwide Health Information Network Specifications